The legendary hard rock band Skambankt are ready to release their next studio album "Jærtegn"! And today, Skambankt, Indie Recordings and launch a photo competition where the winning picture will be the front cover of the album. 

In addition to the front cover, the winner will also get merch and the new album on CD and Vinyl, tickets to a show, a 3.000,- NOK compensation, plus a massive package from including a cameraphoto book, memory cardcamera bag and a gift card of 1.000,- NOK in their webshop! 

 skambankt photo competition


To participate in the competition, you'll have to; 

1) Take a picture, interpreting the title "Jærtegn". A "Jærtegn" is another word for an omen, often meant as a warning, something negative or fatal. But the word could also come from 'jarknteign', from gothic 'airkns': 'arch' / 'real'. "Jærtegn" can in other words be used to describe a sign, mainly in nature, where the link between matters is not arbitrary, or random.

2) Upload the picture to Facebook or Instagram, using the tag #Skambanktfoto

3) The competition ends on Nov 3. Then, the band and members from will agree on a winner, announcing it shortly after Nov 3.

OBS! You need to hold the rights to the picture you submit to the competition.
The winner must agree to the picture being used freely by Skambankt and Indie Recordings commercially.

We will of course credit the photographer in all placements possible.


Good luck to anyone participating in the photo competition! 



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