The extremely creative and playful universe of 22 is a never-ending Easter egg hunt down the rabbit hole driven by eclectic, melodic and energetic progressive rock. Themes of numerology and creative play enhance their music with a deeper meaning, giving their fans something extra with each release. 
This new single will be the bands last release for a while. “2020” is a catchy prog-rock track, waving farewell to the fans saying: “Thank you all for listening, and until the next time: Bye”.

Listen to the single "2020" HERE

22 band 2020 single

With 22's numerological origin and all-permeating ethos, as revealed in classic 22-songs like "Algorythm" and "Kneel Estate", the year of 2020 had to be of significance. By releasing the song "2020", they are telling us that it was the plan all along to keep going until the year 2020, and that the band is now dissolving. With their previous release, the double-album "You Are Creating", they were eager to give credit to the listener as a co-creator of the musical experience. Now they are taking it one step further, by removing the hopes of any more music from "22", leaving the listener to create everything themselves.

As the lyrics of their farewell-song "2020" tells: "Sometimes things just have to die, in order to live.."

About 22:

22 is a good old-fashioned hard-working rock band playing good new-fashioned music. They are adept musicians with a highly energetic and agile stage show. This has earned them an almost mythical reputation as a live act, as well as some broken bones on tour. 

It all started out with their debut album “FLUX” in 2010, which received heavy rotation by National Norwegian Radio P3 and which was backed by extensive touring. They produced a multisensory live show using UV-body paint and odor-cannons. 22 quickly demonstrated they are a synergy of 4 extremely talented musicians that never fall into introversion, but rather who embrace showmanship and a genuine love for the audience seldom found with progressive rock acts. 22 have defined their own musical domain as an eclectic, melodic, energetic and stadium-appealing progressive rock outfit, and have been inspired by and affiliated with bands such as Animals as Leaders, Arcane Roots, Leprous and Agent Fresco.  



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