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A lot has happened since the fierce duo Pil & Bue released their "new and exciting heavy rock" (Fædrelandsvennen Newspaper) debut album in 2016. Creative and fantastic musicians as they are, both Petter Carlsen and Aleksander Kostopoulos have been busy with solo projects and other bands. During this time, Alekander chose to step away and Gøran Johansen has now taken over the drums. 

We are very excited to release more Pil & Bue in the time coming! The first single will be out on March 17, make sure to follow the band so you don't miss out on this hard rock magic: 

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Hello friends! It's been a while.

2020 has been good to us. It's been such a crazy year, it was never not going to be inspirational. So we made a new album.


Things have changed though. I have had the pleasure of embarking on this new journey with my long-time friend and drummer Gøran Johansen.


Aleksander wanted me to continue what we started with Pil & Bue after he unfortunately had to step away from the band in 2018. I’ve played in other bands with Gøran for a few years. He’s an amazing drummer and I felt it was natural for him to make his mark on this band in it’s next chapter. We’ve had a lot of fun jamming out these songs together, and I feel we’ve taken Pil & Bue further while still keeping the bands identity close at heart.


A big thanks to Indie Recordings, who challenged us. It turned into an album we are very eager to share with you. The first single will be released NEXT WEEK already!! Can't wait!


Message from Pil & Bue: 
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