Pil & Bue Nominated To Norwegian Grammy's!


We are thrilled to announce that Pil & Bue have earned a well-deserved nomination at the Norwegian Grammy Awards (Spellemannprisen) for their exceptional album, "Special Agents".

Listen to Special Agents here

Pil & Bue comments on the album:
We want to acknowledge people that include and take care of people around them.
We are watching the world, debating what we see, but also access the deep within ourselves in the search for purpose.

So, it is mainly a
philosophizing album inspired by people like Nietzsche and Kierkegaard.

To a certain degree it is about detachment and becoming who you really are.
Our goal as human beings is to feel freedom and happiness, if so, just for a little while.

We still need more kindness and justice in the world.
And those themes will never leave our lyrics.
We are sick of war and profit.

After their critically acclaimed third album “The World is a Rabbit Hole” (2021) Pil & Bue went back into Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand, Norway where they did the album to record “Special Agents” in known surroundings with people they trust

Co-producer and mixer Christer André Cederberg comments;
“This album has it all! Raw energy, pure music joy, anger, sorrow, humor and hope.
It is heavy, punk, dynamic,beautiful, melancholic, and experimental!
What more can you ask for?”
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