Palehørse Unleashes New Single!

Palehørse unleashes captivating single "Revival" about fighting depression!

Listen here!

Finnish metal act Palehørse is back with another anticipated single, "Revival," set to be released on August 31st. This straightforward rock anthem, filled with unexpected twists and turns, serves as a powerful reflection on fighting depression and isolation, and the need for a fresh start after enduring life's challenges.

Led by the multitalented frontman Lassi Mäki-Kala, Palehørse has earned a devoted following with their unapologetic attitude, technical prowess, and raw intensity. "Revival" is the opening track on their upcoming album, and the band aims to mark their return from a longer-than-intended hiatus. Prepare to be captivated as Palehørse once again showcases their passion and musical brilliance in "Revival."


Samu Honko – Drums | Lassi Mäki-Kala – Vocals / Guitar | Ville Siivonen – Bass


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