Oslo Ess Drops New Single - Når de døde danser!

Oslo Ess Pays Tribute to Activists with Empowering New Single "Når de døde danser"!

Norway's platinum-selling punk rock sensation, Oslo Ess, has solidified their position as one of the country's most streaming and selling rock bands. The band now proudly unveils their explosive new single, "Når de døde danser," adding fuel to the anticipation surrounding their forthcoming album.

"Når de døde danser" is a powerful tribute to activists worldwide, serving as a rallying cry for all those who stand up against injustice. Oslo Ess shines a spotlight on individuals who fearlessly put themselves on the front lines, fighting against the injustices of today and throughout history, acknowledging the sacrifices they make while fighting for a brighter future.
Sung in Norwegian, the band's native language, the track also showcases Oslo Ess's ability to connect with audiences, transcending language barriers with its infectious energy.
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