The Oslo-based hardcore/metal act Oberst blends their many influences seamlessly into a unique sound, be it hardcore, post metal, progressive metal and rock. Their huge, warm and atmospheric riffs meet hectic, catchy elements driven by intense and at times manic vocals. The band is now back with their new single and music video "Goddess"! This is the third single off their debut album, due early 2019.

Watch the video HERE. Listen to the single HERE.

The band has commented: “The song Goddess deals with the idea of escaping reality by way of intoxication. It touches on the very human reaction that is trying to forget while the world is burning around you, and how hard it can be to open your eyes and face the music once you have gotten the taste of something more than the «real world». The music video is shot and directed by the amazing Lars Rolland Andersen.”

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