Oberst Announces New Single "Chroma"!

Oberst is finally back with the first new single since their 2020 debut “Paradise”. With their debut album Oberst showcased their captivating sound and ability to push boundaries, earning praise from industry heavyweights like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

Listen here!

The new single "Chroma," is scheduled for release on August 23rd, and serves as a testament to Oberst's ability to seamlessly merge addictive riffs, raw emotion, and atmospheric nuances, while incorporating mind-bending metal and hardcore elements that will leave listeners intruigied and wanting more.

The band states:
“This song is about the danger of buying in to false promises of easier times and shortcuts. Not accepting so called salvation in exchange for reason. Making the journey without ideological crutches may be painfull, but that little bit of pain brings a lot of clarity.”

In addition to the upcoming release, Oberst will perform at the prestigious Summer Breeze festival in Germany in August, solidifying their status as a rising force in the metal scene.
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