NORWEGIAN PUNKS LÜT REVEAL CORONAVIRUS CHALLENGE: Band will shovel seven tonnes of snow before releasing new video

Norwegian punk quintet LÜT have revealed a Coronvirus-caused challenge which will be streamed tomorrow, Saturday 28th March at 10CET via

All five members of LÜT will shovel the seven tonnes of snow currently covering their trailer. Join the event HERE!

The band comments: "Just as with many other bands and artists these days, all of our gigs have been cancelled, causing a lack of much needed income. It’s extra challenging for us as a band to set up a streaming concert, which has become a very popular thing of late. We’re looking into different solutions, but before we can do anything at all, we have to shovel our band car-trailer free of snow and park it on a legal parking space. And we live in Tromsø in Northern Norway, so that is a full day of hard work, which we also won’t get paid for. Or?"
We will do a live stream of us shoveling snow! You can either enjoy watching some hard-working guys busting their asses off for free, or you can support us on with whatever amount you feel the job is worth."

As a thanks to their supporters, the band will be releasing their new music video for the single 'We Will Save Scandirock' once the challenge is complete. You can listen to “We Will Save Scandirock” HERE! This is the second single off their upcoming record ”Mersmak”, to be released on September 25! Pre-order the album here:

LÜT are:

Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark

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