Norwegian punks LÜT release the new single titled “Bangkok Nonstop”! Listen to the single here: LÜT will release their sophomore album titled “Mersmak” (Eng. Taste For More) on February 12th! Pre-order the album here: 
As the band comments: "The idea of Bangkok NonStop emerged when visualising chaos, big crowds, lights and screens. Very similar to the life in mega cities around the world today. The song questions how and why we share tremendous amounts of personal data and information like it's no big deal. We are no exception, but as we state in the song: "Have had enough, like everyone else, we all do the same without face to face interactions." What happened to  human contact? (We nailed the content of this song a bit too good when writing it a year ago). We would love to stay positive and say it's going to get better with the years, but we honestly do not think this is the case. "On the same network, in the same town, log on to your life and start over".
LÜT’s debut album received praise by Metallica’s very own Lars Ulrich, a nomination for “New Band of the Year” by Norwegian Grammys, and the Norwegian Radio Award Show “P3 Gull. With their live performances full of explosive energy, showing that they won’t take any prisoners, LÜT have rocked the stages of major European festivals like Summer Breeze Open AirReeperbahn, Øya, and Tons Of Rock.
Their music is uplifting, high on energy, mosh- and dance friendly and in-your-face. Imagine the indie-pop fun of Paramore gone wild. The experimental alt-rock sound of Foals gone pop. Both mashed up with these mesmerizing post-punk vibes of Editors and the shrieking vocals of Kvelertak, accompanied by the fellow Norwegian’s incredibly raw punk rock energy. All these aspects culminate in the sound that LÜT. With «Mersmak», LÜT delivers the very best of modern alternative rock, born out of passion and infinite energy!
LÜT are: 
Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark
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