Metalcore act STORM released debut EP!

Norwegian metalcore act STORM proves that talent has no age and delivers a huge debut EP packed with brutal riffs, roaring vocals, twists, and hooks that captures the listeners from the very first second!
STORM is finally ready to release his self-composed debut EP and with this he has one goal; namely to show the world who STORM is. The EP consists of slamming riffs, brutal vocals, and lyrics about handling difficulties in life. The result is a dynamic and outstanding EP.
"The theme for the EP has in many ways been how there is strength in facing difficulties and overcoming fears, and a big aspect of that is to not letting others stand in your way. All the different songs address different parts of those struggles. I wanted my debut to be really heavy and unique, and with this EP I present a little taste of what you can expect for me in the future!” -STORM says 
Behind the stage name STORM is Leo Davadi Sundli, who despite his young age of 13 already have accomplished a lot as an artist. His career began in 2019 with the band Snøstorm, and top tier media in Norway such as VG, NRK, Musikknyheter and Adresseavisa quickly noticed the young talents.
In 2020, Leo chose to move on from Snøstorm, and started his new band project STORM. It did not take long before the multi-talent was noticed, and in 2021 he managed to secure a record deal with the prestigious Indie Recordings, and booking agent with the renowned All Things Live.
Beautiful Pain 
Break Yourself 
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