Norwegian Alternative Folk Band Gåte Release Captivating New Single & Music Video "Svik"

Norwegian alternative folk outfit Gåte release their new single and music video "Svik" today! Listen to the single here, or watch the music video HERE!

"Svik" is a beautiful and bold tune that features Gåte at their boldest and most daring, unafraid to play with tempo, composition, and expression. The result is one hell of a track that ties all of Gåte's strengths into one uncompromising tune. It is the story of a man, who tormented by his past becomes his own worst enemy. Of how the intoxicating path of revenge often leads to the devastating ruins of remorse, of how our anxieties and traumas hunt us, and in many ways also shape who we are. 

The music video following the single is directed by Gunnhild Sundli herself. As she states: "Through the work with the music video, I have been able to give life to the atmosphere and the images I have in my head when I sing 'Svik'".

The music video for "Svik" has been exclusively premiered via Metal Hammer UK!

 is the second single off their upcoming album "Nord", to be released on Dec 3 via Indie Recordings.

"Nord" is the full-length follow up of their critically acclaimed EP Til Nord (April 2021) and marks the conclusion of Gåte as an acoustic outfit. On "Nord", the band has really taken a step back to fully explore their musical potential and expression through a more traditional and acoustic perspective. And though there definitely is something simple and clean about Nord, the power in the courageously heartfelt, raw, and epic soundscape Gåte manages to create seems even more present and complex than ever before.

Nord will be released through Indie Recordings December 3rd 2021.

Gåte had a national breakthrough in the early 2000s with their captivating performances and groundbreaking mix of traditional folk and modern rock.
With an immense respect for folk music and unparalleled talent, Gåte managed to interpret and convey traditional folk songs to a whole new generation of listeners.
In 2020, the band chose to go back to their roots and dive into the vast traditional music history Norway has to offer. The result is painstakingly beautiful and emotive collection of songs
delving deep into the musical past of their country, with a contemporary approach.

Proving yet again that great music and great art endures.

Gunnhild Sundli: Vocals and violin
Magnus Børmark: Guitar, vocals, percussion
Sveinung Sundli: Hardanger fiddle, organ, vocals and percussion
Jon Even Schærer: Percussion and vocals

Gåte - 'Svik' credits:

Music video director: Gunnhild Sundli
Movie by Valkyrien Productions: Arne Stoltenberg and Toni Kotka
Halling dancer/actor: Håkon Håvelsrud Odden
Actress: Gunnhild Sundli
Costumes: Inger Hallström Stinnerbom

Music composed and arranged by Sveinung Sundli og Jon Even Schärer
Music engineered by Magnus Børmark
Lyrics by Nora Eklo

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