Bandcamp continue to support labels and artist during the pandemic, and have announced that Bandcamp Fridays will continue out 2020! Each first Friday of the month, the service will be waiving their revenue share for all sales. 

Bandcamp Fridays 2020 Calendar:
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

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We have updated our Bandcamp shop with brand-new titles from Navian, Fixation, Fight the Fight, Djerv, Skambankt and Vreid!


Navian reset EP frontcover 
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Navian is an instrumental trio of music nerds that started out as music students and session musicians in several bands. Their love for music as well as their deep interest in gear and their instruments was the starting point for Navian, and now, the band has become a playground for the talented, enthusiastic young musicians and an outlet for their many creative ideas. The first 5 tracks are gathered in "Reset", an EP of instrumental gems suitable for gaming, background, focusing or just for a fun listen. It has elements of prog, metal, rock, a bit of jazz, pop, djent, melodic and math rock. Their debut album is in the making, planning to be released early 2021.


fixation global suicide ep frontcover
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Fixation is a new hard rock band from Norway just breaking through. Their impressive new EP “Global Suicide” consists of four massive, hard-hitting rock songs that cross over with metalcore. "Global Suicide" has been praised by the press, with high score reviews and quotes like “…simply an impressive debut! If it were an album, if this had been a full-fledged album, it would very much have reached Album of the Year lists.” from Norway Rock Magazine and “…an undeniable winner.”  from Metal Temple (UK). With their social criticisms, heavy riffs, massive melodic synths and impressive talent, Fixation is a band to keep on the radar! 


deliverance fight the fight album frontcover
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Raised in the underground scene in Oslo they have fought hard to prove their place as a force to be reckoned with. They`ve played all the major festivals in Norway, toured Europe and supported acts like Avenged Sevenfold, Kvelertak and Satyricon. Fight the Fight are young, fresh and bursting with energy. Big riffs siting effortlessly alongside memorable hooks. “A catchy, atmospheric, punk-rock racket” - Metal Hammer UK. The 'hard second album'"Deliverance" has proven that Fight the Fight are here to stay, gaining top score reviews and quotes like “Norway’s Fight The Fight have crafted one of the 2020’s best metalcore albums, as ‘Deliverance’ injects a heavy dose of funk and groove into the genre.” - 5/5, The Sport, UK



djerv we don't hang no more throne frontcover single
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After a six-year-long hibernation, Djerv are fully recharged. The come-back single “Throne” was released just before summer, and now the second single “(We Don`t) Hang No More” is ready for the audience. Djerv continue in the sound of which they became known, and at the same time going towards a more defined rock-sound. It's uplifting, empowering, hard rock, heavy and dangerously catchy rock for the pits fronted by the most known frontwoman from the Norwegian rock and metal scene.

skambankt eliksir vinyl colour
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Norwegian Hard Rock legends Skambankt's first two releases, "Skambankt" (2004) and “Eliksir” (2007), are finally available on separate vinyl (previously only available as part of a limited edition box set)! Thanks to all the pre-orders from fans, the albums went straight at #1 and #2 on the official Norwegian vinyl charts on release date. 

vreid v welcome farewell all colours gone vinyl
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Black'n roll metallers Vreid are releasing their entire catalogue in a new vinyl series, "All colours gone"! The albums will be released in batches of 2, all with a brand-new black and white artwork design by Remi Juliebø, and on white vinyl. So far, the albums "Milorg", "I Krig", "Pitch Black Brigade" and "Kraft" have been released, and on October 16 "V" and "Welcome Farwell" will be ready to ship! 


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