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New single from Mythological dark folk artist Wolcensmen is out now! This is the first single from the coming album, due September 20th. 


Lorn and Loath Wolcensmen

Listen to "Lorn and Loath" HERE


Following the success of the debut album 'Songs from the Fyrgen' (reissued in 2018 by Indie Recordings), Wolcensmen is back with the highly-anticipated sophomore full-length, 'Fire in the White Stone'. 11 brand new dark folk hymns of a mythological nature.

For this new offering, no effort was spared. The project's mastermind, Dan Capp (also of Winterfylleth), forged a story, crossing traditional archetypes with his own philosophical explorations, and then set about composing a concept album using new and archived musical ideas. To fully realise his folk-tale, Dan then wrote a 12,000 word short-story to accompany the music, making this an elaborate, unique release.

"Lorn and Loath is one of the most heartfelt songs on the album. It represents abandonment and disillusionment, but also the bliss and clarity that solitude among nature can bring. Musically it shows Wolcensmen at its fullest, as acoustic guitars and kantele cross paths with synth and choir." - Dan Capp of Wolcensmen


Lyrics for Lorn and Loath:
Weary hearth-fire,
Will you smolder a while?
Warm her, heart-lorn and loath.

Homely barrow,
She'll be yours alone.
My grave lies afar.

Hoary wildwood,
Where within, a rood,
Bends its bough to lift me.

Lithely moonlight,
Name a path and I'll ride.
Fleet of foot, whitherto.

Have I faltered?
Am I shorn from my wyrd?
Hewn of hope, lorn and loath.

Upon the high wind,
I hear a wordless tongue.
Upon the high wind,
whither a calling come.

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