New Vredehammer Single: The Dragons Burn

An ode to the Viking era: Vredehammer unleash their new single “The Dragon Burns”

Listen here!

Norwegian extreme metal powerhouse Vredehammer is gearing up to ignite the metal scene once again with a new single, "The Dragons Burn," set to release on March 21st.

 With three critically acclaimed full-length albums under their belt and a Norwegian Grammy nomination to their name, Vredehammer stands as a testament to the uncompromising spirit of Norwegian extreme metal.

"The Dragons Burn" emerges as an impassioned tribute to the Viking era, channeling the raw intensity of ancient battles through its thunderous rhythms and searing guitar melodies. Crafted by Per Valla, the track aims to awaken a primal instinct, urging listeners to hoist their horns high and immerse themselves in a relentless torrent of crushing riffs and dynamic drums.

"‘The Dragons Burn’ is an ode to the Viking era," says Valla. "It was written with the intent to make the listener want to raise their horns and bang their heads. If you are into heavy guitar riffs and groovy drum parts, this track is for you!"

With their upcoming album “God Slayer” poised to deliver nothing short of blackening excellence, Vredehammer continues to push the boundaries of extreme metal, seamlessly blending elements of blackened death metal, thrash, and melodic death metal to create a sound that is both relentless and captivating.

With one of Scandinavia's finest BM drummers, Nils 'Dominator' Fjellström, on drums, combined with the unparalleled musical songwriting and guitar skills of Per Valla, 'The Dragons Burn' is set to be an explosive track. For fans of heavy guitar riffs and unbridled intensity, this track is not to be missed.
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