New Summer Anthem From Yesterdaze!

Yesterdaze to release buzzling summer hit!

Norwegian/Icelandic Yesterdaze are an upcoming band that create hefty and melodic rock songs, heavily influenced by giant current rock bands like The Strokes, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and The Hives.

Listen here!

June 21st the band are set to release Beehive - an instant radio banger!
 With a chorus that hooks you right away, followed by upbeat verses spiced up with delicious references to modern rock legends, Beehive is a seriously catchy tune that you’ll hear on repeat all summer.
With its upbeat tempo and melodic drive Beehive would fit on any festival stage.

Thematically Beehive touches in on the contrast between who you want to be, versus what you ultimately end up doing. We all aim to do better, but some people seem to get oh-so-stuck in the present.

Yesterdaze comment: “Beehive is a banger meant to help shake off bad Beehavior. Remind you of your inner desires and go for it.”

The bands last single, the anti-valentines anthem F.M.K increased the band’s awareness further through great reach on social media. Upon releasing this single the band got established Norwegian drummers like Baard Kolstad (Leporus), Eivinn Arctander (Oslo Ess) and Henrik Gustavsen (The Dogs) to do their take on the drum-intro for the release.

Now Yesterdaze are ready to release yet another heavy hitter from their upcoming debut album.

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