New Song From Seigmen - Kollaps!

Today, Seigmen release "Kollaps" (Collapse). Their second single is taken from the upcoming album "Resonans," which is set to be released this April.

Listen here!

It may be hard to believe that the songs on "Resonans" were written pre-COVID. Before the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza escalated, and with the United States in a looming darkness forced to choose the lesser of two evils yet again.

Through their devotion to details and their immediate environment and the people populating it. Through their strong use of words and powerful dramaturgy, Seigmen’s lyrics become universal and timeless.
The result are songs where love is always at the core, veiled and twisted in a blend of desperation and hope, but always accessible and unmistakably Seigmen.

Seigmen's universe is filled with clues to their source of inspiration. This is not often brought to light, but on "Kollaps," the initiated listener will recognize text references in both verses and choruses to West German industrial pioneers; «Min venn, was glaubst du denn?»

Some of the sonic elements in "Kollaps" are the recording of an angle grinder used by Kim Ljung's father in law while assembling shelves for old tape decks, effects, and synthesizers in his home studio.

The sound of strings heard in the chorus is generated by almost 50-year-old synthesizers, purchased at Supersonic (a legendary Norwegian music store) before the band recorded their classic album "Radiowaves" in '96.
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