New Song From LÜT!

10 years have passed.

Is the anxiety less, the shoulders lowered or the kicks softer?

By no means whatsoever!

The world is still attacked with sharpened claws, mesmerizing melodies, and harsh lyrics. Bands change, and packaging has been replaced, but Tromsø's proud sons still deliver a refined combo of salty, raw, and unrestrained rock. Painted with contrasts like only the polar night, freezing cold, and eternal summer nights can carve out.

Listen here!

Today, April 24th, they release "Bindingstid På Livstid" (eng: Subscription for a Lifetime). A song about the time that has passed, but also the things that have remained.


“The song is about having friends, family, (band members in our case) or people in your life in general that you can be away from for a long time, but be right back where you left off when you see them again. Just like no time has passed at all, even at times if you had an argument last time and ended on bad terms. But in the bigger picture, with all big or small temporary fallouts aside, you just know that you have a lifetime commitment to each other and will have to deal with them for both good and bad times until the very end. And that's kind of beautiful.”
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