New single from The Cruel Intentions!

After a year of extensive touring and massive positive feedback on their second full length album Venomous Anonymous (2022); The Cruel Intentions are back with a little in-between album treat.

June 6th the band will drop a hot new track called White Line Denied!
White Line Denied is as Cruel Intentions as you can get it and feels like a natural extension of the album.

The Cruel Intentions play around with the esthetics of bands such as Guns ‘N Roses and Mötley Crue and carries on the legacy of good old Rock ‘N Roll into the modern and contemporary youth of today.
 Resulting in fast paced and humorous songs which also can be dark and hard-hitting.
White Line Denied is exactly this, an upbeat song with a dark undertone.
Groovy, upbeat and fun, but with sinister lyrics about the darker side of fun.
Or as the band states:
 «Life’s a party then you die. But some people can’t handle their shit.
This one’s dedicated to one of them»
On Venomous Anonymous:
Venomous Anonymous was released June 3rd 2022 and got supreme reviews from critically acclaimed magazines as Classic Rock Magazine, Metal Hammer, Sweden Rock Magazine as well as numerous webzines:
“The Cruel Intentions have put out one of the best albums in a year stacked with great ones, this is easily the best album Lizzy has ever done, everything works here.,”
10/10 – The Rock Pit
“…a unique and aggressive blend of scratchy guitars and gripping rhythms, with the dirty, cutting and explosive voice of frontman Lizzy DeVine to detonate it all. Another must have in a generous year for rock”
9/10 – Long Live Rock’n’roll (IT)

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