New Single From Oberst!

Emerging from the depths of Norway's underground music scene, Oberst is gearing up to their album release with their latest single, "Invisible Hands," on January 25th.

Listen here!

The band offers a some insight about the upcoming track, sharing,

"As we bite off more than we can chew and choke on our eagerness, we kneel and beg to the invisible hands that seem to keep us down. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe we've done enough."

Hailing from Oslo, the quartet's journey began in 2015 with a self-titled EP, quickly gaining acclaim as some of Norway's best underground metal. Oberst's music fuses hardcore, post-metal, and progressive metal, creating a captivating sound with atmospheric riffs and intense vocals. The band has earned praise from critics for their unique and refreshing approach.

With "Invisible Hands", Oberst sets the stage for their upcoming album, "Toil," set to release in 2024. The album is a culmination of three years of dedicated effort, and it promises to deliver a fresh and exciting sound that transcends the boundaries of traditional rock and metal.
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