VAK is back from the dead!

During 2018, one member turned gravely ill from Lemierre’s syndrome and a thrombose in the head. There was little hope, anything could happen, but fortunately he recovered and VAK are back from the dead with their new album “Loud Wind”! The music from the Swedes in VAK is hard to grasp. In few words; They combine aggressive melodies with precise and potent rock experiments. “Loud Wind” is mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

First single out is the title track "Loud Wind", which is the first track on the coming album (due 23 August, 2019). The band on the single: "In the first single "Loud Wind" we tried to create a forceful and even rebellious sound which felt like the tightening of a noose. At the same time, the energy of the song is supposed to strengthen hope with regards to political issues. And the lyrics addresses the theme of political uprising in the shape of a loosely organized network of rebel groups gathering in their struggle."


Listen to "Loud Wind" HERE




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