New Single From Jordsjuk

Jordsjuk unleashes 'Viva la Apocalypse': A relentless assault on hope's horizon!

The groundbreaking new voice in black metal Jordsjuk drops an intense new track after their phenomenal single debut earlier this year! The trio consists of the seasoned veterans from esteemed bands such as Djevel, Nordjevel, Urgehal and Koldbrann, and February 8th 2024, their latest offering “Viva la Apocalypse” will unleash.

Listen here!

Jordsjuk plays fierce, deliciously primitive and groovy black metal with their feet planted in both death and corruption. Their first single “Siste Skanse” premiered January of this year, and the band immediately grabbed the attention of both fans and media with predictions like;

“This could quickly become one of the year's hardest sensations, a trio playing dirty, sneaky, and devilishly obsessed black metal". - Dagsavisen

Their upcoming single “Viva la Apocalypse” brings you down in the dirt, and the band states:
“Crank up the ugliness! Let 'Viva La Apocalypse' shatter the vision of a hopeful future!”
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