New Single From In Vain!

In Vain unleashes powerful single "Season of Unrest": A glimpse into the anticipated new album “Solemn” - Coming in 2024!

Pioneers of Norwegian progressive extreme metal, In Vain, are poised to captivate fans once again with the release of their upcoming album, “Solemn”. Offering an exciting preview of the musical odyssey that lies ahead, the band presents the first single, “Season of Unrest”!

Listen here!

Songwriter Johnar shares his insights on the upcoming single: " A tune that's got it all - a harmonic and groovy verse blending seamlessly with a catchy, sing-along-worthy chorus. " Meanwhile, bassist Alexander adds: “This song is packed with emotion and meaning. It's got a progressive edge, yet its catchy components make it effortlessly singable. The vocals truly steal the show. "

Lead vocalist Sindre delves into the personal resonance of the single, stating: “With all the songs we´ve done through the years, this is the one that holds the most meaning to me. It contains extremely personal lyrics written at a low point of my life. The lyrics combined with fantastic riffs and top tier songwriting makes this piece really special.”

Known for their unique, innovative, and catchy compositions that merge elements from various genres, the band continues to uphold their commitment to solid songwriting with cleverness and an original edge. The album is perfected by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, and promises a sonic experience that is both powerful and nuanced.
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