New Single From Fight the Fight - Shining!

Fight the Fight featuring Baard Kolstad drops new single "Shining"!

Norwegian metal sensation Fight the Fight is gearing up to unleash their third studio album “Shah of Time” with their new single, "Shining" set to drop on April 11th. This highly anticipated track promises to captivate listeners with its powerful message and dynamic soundscapes.

Listen here!

Inspired by the complexities of modern society and the present influence of technology, "Shining" delves into the themes of the misfocused mind and the controlling grip of technological in todays society. The band's ethos is reflected in the words of Albert Einstein, who famously said, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

In recent months, Fight the Fight has experienced a surge in popularity, thanks in part to the electrifying drumming of Baard Kolstad (Leprous), whose performances have garnered attention on social media platforms. Following an extensive European tour alongside Leprous, Fight the Fight's fanbase has expanded exponentially, with a notable increase in followers across multiple platforms.

"Shining" marks a significant evolution in Fight the Fight's musical journey, serving as the fourth and last single penned for their upcoming album. Embracing the addition of synthesizers to their signature sound, the band explores new sonic territories while staying true to their energetic and melodic roots. This song not only sets the tone for the forthcoming album but also showcases Fight the Fight's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

With "Shining," Fight the Fight continues to push the boundaries of their genre, delivering a thought-provoking and exhilarating listening experience. Fans can expect nothing short of excellence from this dynamic group of musicians as they prepare to unleash their latest offering upon the world.
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