New Single From Eradikated - Flood


On August 22nd, the third and final single “Flood” from the upcoming album will be released, and this song is a real killer with a brutal chorus that sticks like glue.
On the same day, Indie Recordings also drop the pre-orders of physical album copies (vinyl + CD) while we are counting down to the release of Descendants on October 6th.

"Flood is the perfect track to unleash right before the album release, to give the listener a last hint of what's to come. This track is pretty much a mix of all the music I've ever wanted to listen to and play. I really hope you can hear and feel the raw energy in the song, just like when we play live. Completely unpretentious and no damn compromises!” – Calle Frogner Moberg (Eradikated)

Eradikated has been going full speed ahead since the first single Flames, from the upcoming album Descendants, was released in March.
At the end of May, the second single Faced was released, which became the perfect warm-up for the summer with shows at Sweden Rock Festival, Gefle Metal Festival and Summer Breeze Open Air among others.
After these prestigious festivals, Eradikated has been highly praised for their insane energy on stage, and the band’s streaming also increased significantly in connection with these shows.

Immediately upon signing the record deal with Indie Recordings last November, the wheels were set in motion and plans for the release of the Eradikated´s first full-length album Descendants were initiated. Three singles will be released before the album in it´s massive and raging entirety will drop on October 6th.

The album is produced and recorded by the band themselves in Ragnar Östberg´s (guitarist  Eradikated) studio East Hill Audio, before it was sent to be mixed and mastered by the renown Gustav Brunn at All In Audio, who has previously worked with acts such as Bomber, Obstruktion and Viagra Boys (live: sessions).
Descendants is a conceptual album that takes place in a near-distant apocalyptic future of anguish and rage, and all the lyrics make up a coherent story, written by front vocalist and guitarist Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia.

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