Dreamarcher is a blackened progressive metal gem from Norway. This single is the first from the coming album "The Bond", due in September 2019.


a fail of design dreamarcher

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With their extensive collective of melodic and screaming vocals, and their mixture of hard-hitting darkness and dreamy ambience, they skilfully balance the abrasive with beauty and sensitivity. They blend the romanticized, dreamy, ambient and beautiful with the dark, industrial, concrete and hideous. Inspired by their hometown Odda, their music, artwork and lyrics reflects a small industrial town surrounded by majestic nature, fjords and glaciers.

Dreamarcher on the first single: “A Fail Of Design is about our flaws as a species; one of the flaws being that when we become to many, we overuse our common resources resulting in an imbalanced world. We can see the symptoms all around us in nature. People living closer to, or in direct relation with nature are more affected. Like in our hometown where we see an increased threat of avalanches and floods."




I am the sun and the air
I am beyond your repair
I am the soil beneath you
I don’t care if you live or die
I don't need you 

But since we have some time to kill
Let me feed you this bitter pill 

Watch me
As I turn to stone
I will break your bones 

You are a fail of design
You'll be the death of your kind
With the lungs of a storm
I’ll blow the mountain to your door
And I’ll hide you

Watch me


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