New Single From Blomst - Ypper!

Chaos, love, and unpredictable nights - Blomst releases new single 'Ypper'!

Blomst is ready to kickstart spring with their latest single, "Ypper," on February 21st. The song offers a delightful combination of garage-punk, uplifting and playful tones, and lyrics that come straight from the heart.

Listen here!

In the fresh track "Ypper," the choices made in the intoxication of infatuation are explored, in a delightful harmony with playful garage-punk. Blomst paints a picture of boundaries and spontaneous decisions, taking listeners on a journey through an evening marked by bad choices but unforgettable moments. "Ypper" is simply a song filled with musical excitement and emotionally charged chaos, and the band shares:

"Ypper is about an evening where you just make bad choices together with someone you're in love with, and regardless of whether anyone else showed up, you had the best evening."

Blomst is acclaimed for their kick-ass songs and raw front figure, and has grown since their debut to become one of the best and biggest in their genre in the country. With a continuously growing fanbase in all age groups, Blomst once again shows with "Ypper" why they stand strong in their position as one of Norway's rawest bands.
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