"Hadde eg bare visst" is out on all digital services now! The track is taken from their coming album "Jærtegn", due Jan 2021. Like this single, the next album will continue the path of "1994". It's melancholic, dark and more varied than ever.

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Songwriter and front figure Terje Winterstø Røthing about the new single:
«It’s about seeing things in hindsight.
It’s always a good thing to process bad thoughts you carry. Writing a song about it can help. ‘‘Hadde eg bare visst’’ is a good representation of what’s coming on the next Skambankt album, which is yet another alternative and different release from us. This year has affected us all. 2020 has taken a lot from us, but it has also given us new impulses and time to reflect. This is noticeable in our next album «Jærtegn», due in Jan 2021. Here’s for a better next year! »

Since their comeback with «Horisonten Brenner» in 2018, they have worked hard. Skambankt has since then released 3 critically acclaimed albums in just 3 years, toured on countless places in Norway, played many festivals, A-listing on Norwegian radio for several singles, and entered #1 and #2 on the vinyl charts in Norway – to mention some few highlights.

Skambankt follow up last year’s acoustic album «1994» with yet another unexpected release. They have opened up for much more variation than last time and show a new side of Skambankt.

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