We’re happy to welcome punk rockers Bakrus to the Indie Recordings family!

«It’s pretty limited what things you dare dream about when you’re a punk band in Røros, so the fact that we now get to work with Indie Recordings is totally crazy. Things can only go up from here, or sideways, either way. » - Bakrus

«Punk-rock, sweat, remorse, missed opportunities… BAKRUS!! (Hangover in Norwegian). Welcome to INDIE, we`re looking forward to get down in the gutter with you guys» – Erlend Gjerde, Managing Director of Indie Recordings

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When you see the historical and charming mountain village of Røros in Norway, punk rock isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But this is the home of Bakrus, a fierce punk-rock quartet full of “raw and vigorous energy.” (TM:Live 2018 Jury). It is a band full of contrasts, with Norwegian lyrics about love, anger, despair and the brutality of adulthood. Fast and aggressive punk mixed with slow melodic parts and emotional lyrical themes, all put together with great song writing skills.


Since the band’s debut single in 2016, Bakrus have made a name for themselves in the Norwegian punk-rock underground. In their debut album review, Disharmoni wrote that it was “[…] a charismatic debut album with potential, will and skill”. Bakrus were quickly known as an energic live act, and came second on the Norwegian live contest for up and coming bands, TM:Live, in 2018. On the release gig for “PER”, the band had fired up the audience so much that the first vinyl pressing sold out before the gig was at its end. Sola Johnsen from the legendary Norwegian band DumDum Boys is also a fan, having said that “They are a lot tighter than we were at that age. The guys prove that the Punk is alive and well.”

Bakrus have now moved from the home-studio in the mountains to a professional studio for their next full-length. With Per Borten (Spidergawd) as producer in his Sørgården Studio, and many late hours of hard work from the band, the coming album shows the dedication and talent that lives in Bakrus. With a crazy year behind us, giving much to reflect and write about, it’s also an album that talk about despair, loneliness and lack of self-worth. Its straight from the heart, straight from the gutter and full of pumped-up punk rock!






2016 – “Psykostisk Hverdag” single

2018 – “Tynn Kjærlighet” album

2019 – “PER” album

2021 – New album TBA



Jonas Jansen Ramsfjell – Vocal and guitar

Steffen Lilleevjen – Guitar

Vegard Moan Viken – Bass

Odd Ragnar Bukkvoll - Drums



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