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We're very happy to welcome Blomst to the Indie Recordings family! "We're thrilled to welcome garage-punkers Blomst to Indie Recordings. With their fresh sound and contagious joyful attitude, they add a new flavour to our Roster, one we welcome wholeheartedly. Let's go!" - Erlend Gjerde, managing director at Indie Recordings. 

Blomst (Eng.: Flower) is an uplifting, energetic and playful garage-punk-rock band with Norwegian lyrics that speaks the unfiltered truth. Praised for their kick-ass frontwoman and catchy songs, they have grown to be one of Norway's the finest in its genre. They have already released two great albums which has gained top scores and placements on several Album of the Year lists here in Norway and we're very much looking forward to new releases. The band says: "We’re looking forward to begin the next round together with Indie”. 


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