«We`re thrilled to welcome the super instrumentalists of Addiktio to Indie Recordings. Adding a new, blistering sound to Indie`s roster, we are excited to help them reach the wider audience they fully deserve! » – Erlend Gjerde, Managing Director of Indie Recordings

A warm welcome to the latest member of the Indie Recordings family; Addiktio! «We are super thrilled to sign with Indie Recordings. It is a great honour for us, and we look very much forward to releasing our music on this awesome label! » - Addiktio

A new album is on the horizon, in the meantime we highly recommend everyone to check out their debut album "Verraton". The debut saw the light of day in 2018 and received great reviews from the Norwegian press. “[…] these are top-level musicians making it impossible to give anything but a high score” was the review from Musikknyheter, while the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen wrote “Norway has a new power-trio, creating a mighty mix from rock, jazz and metal”. You can listen to Addiktio's debut album here:

Addiktio is a result of two weeks improvisational play and musical duels in drummer Gallatin’s studio. The three guys (Håkon Sagen – Guitars, Thomas Gallatin – Drums and Ruben Oma – Bass) have years of experience and are all skilled musicians. The talented trio are all active as session musicians for several Norwegian acts, where the most known internationally are Shining and Ina Wroldsen, and the most known nationally are Gabrielle, Darling West, Marit Larsen, Odd Nordstoga, Ida Maria, Lido ++. But this is much more than a one-dimensional, technical-mastermind band. Catchy parts and strong melodies inspired by the open, Nordic landscape have shaped their sound, resulting in a rock-solid debut album.


As a trio, they have found their home in the meeting point of rock, jazz, and metal. It’s ambient, massive sonic landscapes, filled with mathematical and melodic parts. A brutal, confronting guitar is backed by vintage bass and pure drum magic. It’s catchy instrumentals that capture any listener with its ‘in-your-face’ and chaotic expression.


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