New Seigmen Single: Elskhat!

The third single "Elskhat," from Seigmen's upcoming album "Resonans" is out today!

"Elskhat" is the opening track on the album "Resonans", and also the first one written back in the summer of 2015. At that time, their previous album "Enola" had just been released, and touring and big festivals were on the horizon.

Listen here!

The search for that magical riff was a constant pursuit. The guitar riff that forms the foundation of "Elskhat" was revealed outside the rehearsal space, played on a deep red semi-acoustic Gibson. The reception was good, so much so that the band realized this riff was the gateway to Seigmen's next album. Little did they know it would take nine years before the song could be presented in its entirety.

"Elskhat" narrates the constant oscillation between extremes and has its roots in songwriter and lyricist Kim Ljung's state of constant migraines. The contrast between light and dark is always close, akin to black and white, day and night. "Elskhat" leaves no middle ground.

"If you tremble, then I tremble too."

Author and screenwriter Harald Rosenløw Eeg, a close friend of Kim and the band, was working on the script for his second disaster film for Fantefilm at that time. Earthquakes was the theme. Kim suggested "Skjelvet" (The Quake) as the title and expressed interest in writing a song for the film. It remained an attempt. Time and timing had different plans.

In 2018, Seigmen borrowed a house near Karlsvik gård, a picturesque gem near the shoreline outside Tønsberg in Norway. Every room in the house was set up for recording and brainstorming ideas for the album.

"Elskhat" underwent a significant transformation here, moving from the key of D to G. For the uninitiated, it was quite an un-Seigmen-like move, but it turned out to be a revelation. "Elskhat" gained the lift, the air, and light it needed.

In a pure bootleg style, the intense and creative days in the house were dubbed the "Karlsvika Tapes." Everything was just sketches, sounding raw and unfinished. Yet, it undoubtedly gave the band a boost, shaping the form of "Resonans."
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