The Swedish Sludge/Stoner/Doom quintet VAK can be hard to pin down to one genre. Their sound is organic and original, and late August this year they released their second album "Loud Wind". A great album which, as it deserved, gained quite a lot of good reviews. Zero Tolerance (UK) wrote: "VAK have come through to make one of 2019’s contenders for best stoner metal album! […] It’s one thing to pack an album full of crushing riffs, memorable hooks and passionate performances, but VAK truly evoke a unified togetherness that beams throughout”.

Today, VAK released the music video for the track "Birds Of Earth" - a gem from the album that truly deserves some extra attention. Metal Hammer Germany mentioned this track in their album review: "Birds Of Earth’ is a musical child of early Radiohead and mild Mastodon".


Video Credits:
Tobias Alpadie - director
Ryan Pittman - director, photography and editing
Sara Mörk - the dancer/main actress
Lia Westerberg - girlfriend on the bench
Yamandu Nyberg - the skater
Tiffany Kronlöf - woman in kitchen
Frida Bartonek - family wife
Olivia Gesarf - family daughter
Klara Rooth Skarin - family daughter
Ellinor Bonander - additional photography
Felicia Kronlöf - make-up

VAK about "Birds Of Earth": "The Birds of Earth” is the most melodic track on the album, which was the last recorded, due to difficulties to get the song together. But we are very happy with the result! The lyrics imagine a future where the human kind no longer reigns the earth. The earth is colonized by giant tattooed birds. The video contains no birds but seeks to express a similar unrest. All band members are doing some acting, alongside a professional dancer. 

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