New Double Single From Extol!

10 years after their last self-titled album, Extol has returned to unleash to new melodic death metal tracks: LABYRINTH OF ILL and EXIGENCY.
 And they pick up right where they left, bringing forth passionate, energetic and technical music metal.
“Labyrinth of Ill has definitely renewed my faith in Extol and our ability to play rock music once again. Who doesn’t wanna go to church when they hear the "Patience" passages play ping pong with Ole's guitar solo? Brutal, but at the same time disturbingly cozy.”
 – David Husvik

Extol, the pioneering death metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993, gained rapid recognition in the extreme metal scene for their innovative fusion of intricate technicality, melodic sensibilities, and faith-based lyrics.

Over the years, Extol's distinctive style evolved, incorporating elements of progressive metal, black metal, thrash, and avant-garde influences. Undeceived (2000) and Synergy (2003) explored complex song structures, while The Blueprint Dives (2005) took a more avant-garde and progressive rock direction, yet still retaining their metal roots, earning them their first Norwegian Grammy nomination.
Despite lineup changes, Extol remained committed to defying genre conventions.
In 2013, they returned with a self-titled album, receiving critical acclaim for its technical prowess and progressive approach, earning global respect for their musicianship.

Their enduring legacy continues to inspire new generations of metal musicians, as they now prepare to release two freshly composed songs. LABYRINTH OF ILL and EXIGENCY will be released October 12th 2023, featuring Christer's return alongside David, Ole, and Peter.
‘The new songs have that perfect blend of hooks, quirks and melody, coupled with the distinct flavour of a line up featuring David, Peter, Christer and yours truly. And top that off with an excellent mix from Jens Bogren. I’m very happy!’ - Ole Børud
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