New Bokassa Album - Out Now!

After a massive touring fall 2023 and 4 hefty single releases with rave reviews Bokassa is finally set to release their much-anticipated album “All Out of Dreams”.

Listen here!
Bring the Noise (UK) noted  their new singles “Let’s Storm The Capitol” and “Garden of Heathen” as highlights of the set in their live-review of the band (Dec. 10th 2023), and Dagsavisen (NO) has crowned the upcoming album to be 1 out of 24 to “impact the Norwegian music scene in 2024”

And the time is near!
On February 16th Bokassa are finally presents their brand new album “All Out of Dreams” showing off a Bokassa as diverse as ever!
This time they´ve also invited guest, and the record features songs with legendary artist Aaron Beam from Red Fang, and Lou Koller from Sick of it All.

All Out Of Dreams
was recorded by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Halford) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Over its ten songs and an all-killer, no-filler 30 minutes, BOKASSA remain as fond of mixing genres as ever! In an age where everything sounds the same, it has also always been important to BOKASSA that each record is sonically different.

On “All Out of Dreams” Bokassa has truly mastered the art of hitting fans across genres and at the same time staying true to their own sound and renowned eccentric quirks.

BOKASSA about “All Out of Dreams”:
“All Out Of Dreams is an album where the feeling of resignation is present on several of the album's tracks. Whether it deals with one's own failures, maybe you feel the system failed you, perhaps because of failed government policies, or that you've just given up on it all.

The common denominator is that everyone you encounter, or hear from in the lyrics have lost hope, which is something the album's title - All Out Of Dreams - alludes to.

The name of the album could also be seen as a direct reference to our own career, and the dream of owning our own private island in the Pacific. Unfortunately the masses have yet to develop good taste in music, so that dream is rather non-existent at this time.”
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