New Blomst Single - Schtøgg!

Finally, more new music from Blomst!

Fall can be a lot. The days grow shorter and the nights longer, always in seemingly perfect pace with a drop in energy and the increase of to-dos. But we’re finally in November, the month which has once again lowered its icy blanket and steadied the pace somewhat. And Schtøgg is here to further release some of your built-up tension, it is a sassy little delight, an anthem for all the passive-aggressive souls out there.

Sonically, this is a somewhat unusual Blomst-track, but in familiar Blomst style, Schtøgg is indeed filled to the brim with attitude. Schtøgg is a temperamental little track with fierce lyrics, driving rhythm and a sing-along chorus where the whole band sings along with you.

Listen to Schtøgg here!

Their previous single Økernsenteret received wide coverage on both streaming services and radio. Blomst is still all about fuzz, good melodies and catchy choruses, a recipe that works for the band has seen a steady growth of fans of all age groups in recent years.

Like Blomst's previous single Økernsenteret, Schtøgg was also recorded with Morten Øby in Taakeheimen lydrike and with Preben Sælid Andersen as producer. This is a further collaboration with Preben, who is producer for the entire new Blomst album.
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