New Blomst Single!

Blomst is not just a band, but an experience. Their charismatic vocals, intense guitars, and driving rhythms create an atmosphere of pure joy and freedom that immediately captivates the audience. Now, they are ready with a brand new single, gearing up for a new studio album with the track "Smelter" on June 6th.

Listen here!

"Smelter" explores how creativity and art can be transformed into a consumable product. The lyrics, which are both poetic and raw, provide insight into the challenges behind art and success.


Vocalist Ida Dorthea Horpestad says:
"Smelter is about how creativity and art are turned into a product that is consumed. Words that are melted into vinyl! It's easy to envy others' success or think you understand someone else's art. But few have any idea of the price that has been paid for it."

Blomst has been a favorite among both fans and the press since they started in 2010. The band has made a mark with their intense energy and overwhelming stage presence. With several critically acclaimed releases behind them, including the albums "Blomst" (2015), "Blomst IL" (2019), and "Triatlon" (2022), Blomst has established itself as one of Norway's most beloved and respected bands within their genre.

The highly anticipated new single follows up on their previous successes and brings with it a fresh wave of creativity and intensity.
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