New Album From VAK!

With well-produced, doom-groovy, stoner/sludge Swedish metal band VAK were highly praised for their previous albums!

Today, VAK is back with their highly anticipated third album “The Islands”

Listen here!

VAK is often noted for their ability to incorporate more than just one style and genre in their music,drawing inspiration from a great variety of bands and artists.
The band is known for their exhilarating and dynamic soundscape, where elements from sludge, progressive metal and synth are flawlessly mixed together.

VAK states:
With this album, we have continued to develop our multifaceted version of what has been called our style of progressive sludge. We wanted it to result in an almost unbearable tension between the powerful and sludgy dimensions and the progressive aspects. We are very happy with the album, although the writing and recording turned out to become a very lengthy process.

Lyrically, the album engages in conflicting visions of the city of Stockholm and its “Islands”, both presenting fundamentally critical aspects and winkling out hopeful notions of the city, and thereby mostly, and literally, focusing on underground dimensions of the city, such as ideas of sewer cafes and underground cinemas.”


Tobias Alpadie – Guitars

Anders Bartonek – Drums

Patrik Engström – Guitars

Jesper Skarin – Bass, Vocals

Robin Skarin - Keyboards

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