New Album From The Good the Bad and the Zugly

Alas! After 6 scarce months mired in alcoholic dementia, dirty diapers and rough sorting of wood cuts, GBZ is back again.

Listen here!

We haven’t seen this much slander and swearing from modest region of Hadeland since the Viking King Halvdan Svarte walked through the ice on the Randsfjorden in 840. But while King Halvdan lived a short and heroic life, the exact opposite can be said of the mediocre outcast in the Good the Bad and the Zugly. 

Going on 15 years, they have served aggressive, condemning, and sullen songs commenting on the dire state of themselves, and of the kingdom of Norway - completely devoid of self-awareness and dignity. 

And here they are trying to squeeze the last pennies out of some old tracks that has been stored on an old and dusty computer up at Børge's place in Grindvold. And what the hell, all these songs that never made the cut and thus failed to become part of any of GBZ epic releases, they’re not all that bad.

They’ve just been sweetly brooding up there in Børge’s valley collecting viruses and a nice touch of nostalgia.  

So here we are serving you up the delightfully corrupting “Decade of Regression» where the whining reaches new heights. Or is it possible, that this time around, GBZ is actually asking life's big questions? 

Does everything and everyone have to communicate all the time? Do the punks really need to be so goddamn DIY? Why is legendary Euroboy prioritizing urban planning over his Gibson SG? Why is the king of rock, Biff Malibu, neglecting his majestic voice in favor of political analysis? Has Happy Tom started wearing glasses? Why does AC/DC, the band that only sings about fucking, never say fuck? And what the hell is wrong with having Velcro shoes?
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