New album from SARKE! Gastwerso will be released on CD, LP and digitally on Nov 1st.

With the legends Sarke and Nocturno Culto in the line-up, a discography of worldwide praised albums and an ever growing and evolving grim, dark and soothing sound, the next SARKE album “Gastwerso” is yet another great piece of icy and haunting black metal.

On “Gastwerso” you can hear the musical tree of SARKE continuing to grow with new branches. New challenging riffs, melodic side roads, beautiful, dark, raw and groovy. Like on all albums before, 70’s rockhead Lars Erik Westby has been in charge of the production. Gastwerso was recorded and mixed at H-10 Production in Oslo, Norway.

Track list:
1 Ghost War
2 Echoes From The Ancient Crucifix
3 Mausoleum
4 The Endless Wait
5 Ties of Blood
6 In the Flames
7 Rebellious Bastard
8 Cribs Hand

The first single will be out on Sep 11th next week! 


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