New Album From Oslo Ess!

Norway's platinum-selling punk rockers Oslo Ess is back with a brand-new album!

The Two-time Norwegian grammy nominated Oslo Ess, stands proudly as one of the biggest rock bands in Norway. With their raw energy, infectious melodies, and empowering lyrics, they are now releasing an explosive new album!

With this album, Oslo Ess continues to expand their sound in several different directions. The selftitled album takes you on a journey through a wide variety of sounds ranging from California Punk, New Jersey-Soul Rock, Ska-punk to tracks driven by acoustic guitars, wind instruments and even heavy hometown blues. Lyrically, the band continues its balancing act between street and poetry.

The album is for the first time self-titled, and Oslo Ess states:

 "It's self-titled because it represents us right now in such a damn good way. Exactly where we want to be, and it needs no further description. Here you get a bit of Oslo Ess from the past and a bit of Oslo Ess in the future. And we are at home at our original label Indie Recordings, who believed in us from the very beginning.  Together we will write Norwegian rock history. This is the new Oslo Ess; Day 1!"

Oslo Ess ability to blend the intensity of punk rock, relatable lyrics and irresistible hooks with infusing nostalgic elements has carved out a distinctive space in the music landscape.

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