New Album From Fight the Fight!

Fight the Fight unveils captivating new album ahead of an extensive US tour!

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Formed in Oslo, Norway, Fight the Fight has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene since their debut album in 2017.  With an electrifying new line-up and a fresh burst of inspiration, Fight the Fight is poised to unleash their latest sonic odyssey, "Shah of Time," May 31st, 2024. The band's evolution into a psychedelic metal universe, blending elements of prog and modern metal, has already captivated fans and critics alike, setting the stage for their most ambitious record yet.

The album came to life two years ago, amidst uncertainty about the band's future on a mountain cabin on Gaustatoppen in Norway. There, surrounded by inspiration, they wrote song after song, eventually forming the concept for their album "Shah of Time."

With three electrifying singles already released from the album, Fight the Fight has seen a remarkable surge in popularity, gaining a ton of new listeners and social media followers across the world. "Shah of Time" promises to push boundaries even further, with the band exploring new sonic territories while staying true to their energetic and melodic roots. To further elevate the record all the drums is done by Baard Kolstad (Leprous). Kolstad shares about the collaboration:

 “Working in the studio closely with Fight the Fight turned out to be very inspiring and I’m super proud of what we achieved together! A fresh new sound and lots of space for me to shine, so I had a total blast, and I cannot wait to finally release this to the world!”

Fight the Fight are known for their high-energy performances and impressive technical prowess, and they have graced stages at major festivals and toured extensively throughout Europe. The band's recent European tour alongside Leprous spring 2024 showcased their explosive live energy, leaving audiences hungry for more.

After holding back on live performances last year, 2024 is really the year for Fight the Fight as they are currently gearing up to hit the stage once again, this time on an extensive US Tour alongside Monuments and Leprous in September and October, promising audiences an unforgettable live experience. Fight the Fight shares:

"The band have never been to the States before, but now a childhood dream is finally coming true: we're heading across the pond! Going on a five-week USA tour feels surreal, and we expect it'll be a journey with its ups and downs, plenty of junk food, and hard work. After all, we'll be traveling the country in an RV”.

 In questions to what they look forward to guitarist and songwriter Tord Larsen says “I've never been so excited to hit the road. Looking forward to playing at big venues, hanging out with the guys, getting myself a cowboy hat, listening to country music, and drinking Budweiser!”
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