The instrumental trio Navian is the latest signing of Indie Recordings - a fresh, young band with a great passion for music! They’ve been described as the Norwegian version of Animals As Leaders, and are inspired by bands like Plini, Intervals, and Polyphia.

Navian like to get nerdy in the studio and are one of the very few instrumental bands that experience singalong from the audience on concerts. The five tracks of their debut EP “Reset” were put together in just a month! The band was booked to a festival with no actual material ready – and the creative trio worked hard and aced the challenge, resulting in such good feedback that they went straight to the studio to record the EP.

Listen to their debut EP "Reset" here:

navian reset cover


Navian builds their music on technical melodies, interesting rhythms, big soundscapes, and groovy hooks.

The guys met while taking a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music and were all working as session musicians. It is safe to say that the trio have an above average interest in music theory and history, production, instruments, and gear. Navian stated out as a musical playground, a place where the members could challenge themselves and write the music they most wanted to play. “Practicing on something really hard, something that feels like we’re never going to master, and to spend numerous hours to finally achieve it. That feeling of pure joy is indescribable. It’s something we all love. It could perhaps be compared to sports, and how the sense of achievement hits you when you make the most crucial score of the game.”

The band came together in just one month. It all started with the bass player attending a concert with Polyphia and instantly thinking that he had to start a band like this. From there, the line-up was set, but they didn’t really get things going before their first festival booking. “What made us finish the first 4 tracks was our first gig. We were booked to a festival which was happening in 1 month, and at this time we only had ideas for the tracks. So, there we were, with a 1-month deadline to finish the music so that we could actually do the gig. After a lot of good feedback, we were motivated and headed straight to the studio to record “Reset””.

Now, after having finished these tracks, played at the Norwegian show case festival by:Larm in 2020 (where the audience “sang” along to the track “Multiplayer”) and signed a record deal with Indie Recordings, Navian have gathered 5 tracks in new release of “Reset”. And already, the next release is in motion: “We are already working on our debut album and can’t wait to show it to the world! It will be out in the beginning of 2021.”

But first;
“Reset” is a catchy and creative playful EP, showing a trio of solid talent in the very beginning of their career. The EP is out now via Indie Recordings!

Vinyl will be available on Aug 14 - pre-order it now:


  1. Blank Space
  2. Schoolyard
  3. Shiba
  4. Matcha Tea
  5. Multiplayer


Band Members:

Martin Stenstad Selen – Guitar
Ola Dønnem – Drumms
Christian Alexander Espeseth – Bass


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