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Norway’s most streamed prog debut band of 2018, Maraton, is finally out with their debut album "Meta" today! By molding together inspiration from various genres, this band enables a distinct and iconic soundscape of technical drums with pristine precision, earth shaking bass, glistening guitars and almost sacral vocals! Here's what some of the critics said:

 “…looks like a winner of the year, superb album!”
Eklekktik Rock, FR
"Music fans of all kinds: don't let this masterpiece pass by you!” 
95/100, Musika, BE
 9/10, Lettere dal Underground, IT
 “The power of Maraton is in their genre-transcending sound…”
83/100, Aardschok, BE 
 “Heavy, melodic and indeed well-produced debut.”
 8/10, Artrock, SE
Recommended by Rocking.Gr:
“Special and modern, Maraton’s debut successfully mix prog and pop.”
“This is good stuff!”
8/10, Stargazed, SE
 “Excellent musical performance of the gentlemen”
Lords of Metal, NL

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