Maraton embraces the unknown in their new album!

Beautiful vocal lines and unexpected twists and hooks immediately hits you with Maraton’s new album Unseen Color. A wonderful mix of alternative rock, pop and prog shows the bands immense ability to seamlessly blend genres and produce a unique and captivating sound.
Unseen Color is truly a new direction for the band and vocalist Fredrik Klemp describes that the album is a representation of growth where each song represents an unseen color of Maraton.
Songwriter and guitarist Simen Ruud has the following to say:
"It´s always hard to know which songs are gonna end up on an album, and this time we ended up picking all the ones we initially didn't think would fit on a Maraton album. All the weird ones, basically. Everything else fell into place after this and gave us the right vision we needed to guide us to the finish line. The album is about a lot of things, but most of all accepting the unknowns in life. Or rather, the unknowns that we don't even know about. It's a very personal and emotional album for me, which is a bit different from the more objective songs on our first album."
Maraton break boundaries between genres, creating progressive alternative rock with roaring bass, massive guitars and exceptional vocals. Described as "shamelessly melodic", the band experiments with sounds and creates music that can be described as a dynamic journey through sensory impressions. Thematically, lines are drawn between the emotional and the philosophical, and the songs are based on human receptivity to new impressions and developments.
By combining and experimenting with different genres, the band creates a distinct and iconic soundscape that is characterized by technical drumming performed with mechanical precision, earthquake-awakening bass, shimmering guitars and almost sacred vocals. The result is a truly unique take on alternative rock, that should be enjoyed and absorbed through more than one listening.
 In Syzygy
Non-Euclidean Heart
Blind Sight
Perdurant Lives
Boltzmann Brain
Imitation Flesh
A Body of Your Own
Unseen Color
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