It’s almost summer, and Norwegian punks LÜT deliver the perfect soundtrack for the best season of the year - listen to their brand new single "Homme Fatale" here https://orcd.co/hommefatale

Different from their previous singles, “Homme Fatale” builds upon a very synthesizer-focused post punk sound, with soft psychedelic rock elements. The relaxed tempo makes the song a very soft, and easy-listening experience. Its incredibly chilled down vibe really feels like vacation -“Homme Fatale” is the perfect song to drive to on a sunny day! Tune in loud, and go on a slightly psychedelic road trip with LÜT. 

Listen to "Homme Fatale" feat. Mats Devik here!
lüt homme fatale single cover


"Homme Fatale" is the fourth single from LÜT's upcoming sophomore album "Mersmak", and the only track on the album with a featuring artist on vocals: “Homme Fatale is a very different LÜT track. We’ve worked on this song since 2017. Last summer, when we did the vocals on this one, we figured that we don’t HAVE to put Markus’ scream vocals on every track. It just didn’t feel right for this song. We’ve known Mats a long time due to the music community of our hometown Tromsø. He is the biggest rock star we know, and his voice is a perfect fit to this LÜT track!”, the band states.

The Norwegian punk rockers have been compared to Kvelertak and are an explosion of energy, hitting you hard with big riffs and Norwegian lyrics. It's safe to say that this track is something different than the rest and gives the rockers a moment to chill. 

The band’s debut album “Pandion” did not only get a Norwegian Grammy nomination for “Newcomer of the Year”, but was also praised by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich within his podcast “It’s Electric”. When it comes to live performances, they have been described as a “killer and strong live band” [Musikknyheter (NO)], as well as delivering “a fantastic show full of energy” [Studentradio i Bergen (NO)], and being “convincing as always” [Puls (NO)]. LÜT’s latest single “LÜTetro” was featured on KERRANG! UK’s “5 Songs You Need To Hear”, while enjoying international radio airplay, as well as exciting playlist placements.

LÜT - ”Mersmak” will be released on January 8th! Pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/mersmaklut

LÜT are:
Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark



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