You need a wake up call? Norwegian punks in LÜT bring it to you with their impulsive new single “Strictly Business” - listen to the single here: https://orcd.co/lutstrictlybusiness

No matter how good or how bad you slept - LÜT deliver your daily dose of adrenaline to get you started in under three seconds! “Strictly Business” is full of power, drive and pushing drum beats. This fast-paced hymn to energy shows LÜT from their punk rock side, but also features some great catchy guitar melodies. “Strictly Business”’ level of adrenaline is comparable to a musical rollercoster ride of dynamic rock music. With this single, LÜT deliver an aural dopamine load directly to your mind. This will make you jump around with a good mood for the rest of your day!

As the band states:

"Strictly Business" is one of our most honest (but at the same time a pretty not serious) songs. The song is about how happy the people around us really should be to be a part of our lives. It's mainly about tiny little, stupid things we're annoyed about with these people; Moms, the girls in the pub who doesn't like us back, or even stupid things our bandmates do. The song was originally written for a Christmas-themed tv-commercial, so you can try picturing that...!

The band’s debut album “Pandion” did not only get a Norwegian Grammy nomination for “Newcomer of the Year”, but was also praised by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich within his podcast “It’s Electric”. When it comes to live performances, they have been described as a “killer and strong live band” [Musikknyheter (NO)], as well as delivering “a fantastic show full of energy” [Studentradio i Bergen (NO)], and being “convincing as always” [Puls (NO)]. LÜT’s latest single “LÜTetro” was featured on KERRANG! UK’s “5 Songs You Need To Hear”, while enjoying international radio airplay, as well as exciting playlist placements.

“Strictly Business” is the sixth single off their upcoming record ”Mersmak”, to be released on January 8th! Pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/mersmaklut


LÜT are:

Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark’

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