Young souls live fast and without any regrets! Norwegian punks LÜT showcase this mentality with their newest punk rock hymn “Ingenting Å Angre På“- listen to the single here https://orcd.co/iaap or watch the music video below!


“Ingenting Å Angre På” means “nothing to regret” and catches up with the bands omnipresent PMA punk rock sound. The song’s chorus delivers energetic melodic-hardcore vibes and becomes an instant earworm. Especially the guitar melodies create playful joy and the once again overwhelming power of LÜT feels like a shot of pure energy.

“Ingenting Å Angre På” is a true punk rock anthem, about not giving a fuck, as the band comments:

“When closing our eyes we often re-watch the embarrassing incidents of our life. This is true if you aren't a member of LÜT of course. After a summer of touring and a lot of crazy shit happening (not suitable to be written down), we decided to stop giving a fuck and wrote "Ingenting Å Angre På" (Nothing to regret). We try to live our lives accordingly, which can be hard sometimes. At least the mentality gave us a really cool song. Enjoy!”

The band’s debut album “Pandion” did not only get a Norwegian Grammy nomination for “Newcomer of the Year”, but was also praised by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich within his podcast “It’s Electric”. When it comes to live performances, they have been described as a “killer and strong live band” [Musikknyheter (NO)], as well as delivering “a fantastic show full of energy” [Studentradio i Bergen (NO)], and being “convincing as always” [Puls (NO)]. LÜT’s latest single “LÜTetro” was featured on KERRANG! UK’s “5 Songs You Need To Hear”, while enjoying international radio airplay, as well as exciting playlist placements.

“Ingenting Å Angre På” is the seventh single off their upcoming record ”Mersmak”, to be released in January 2021! Pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/mersmaklut


LÜT are:

Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark

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