Live Album From ATENA

Atena delivers dynamic new live album; a vibrant live experience where new and old songs shine in a new context!

On September 29, 2023, ATENA released their studio album "Subway Anthem," celebrated with an impressive release concert at Parkteatret in Oslo. The concert was so outstanding that the band decided to release a live album from that evening titled “Live from Parkteatret.”

Listen here!

The album features a ruthless, innovative, and elegant fusion of genres, showcasing why ATENA is at the forefront of the Norwegian metalcore scene. "Live from Parkteatret" serves up the new studio album "Subway Anthem" on a silver platter, opening with the track "Leave," followed by the hard-hitting "Ultra Ultimate Opus Power."

But it's not just the new studio album being played. Just four tracks into the album, the band plays the single “Oljebarn i Helligvann,” and on track six, they unleash “No Hope for Miscarriages” from their 2020 album “Drowning Regrets & Lungs filled with Water”. The album also includes two of the band's biggest hits, “Oil Rigs” and “Death is All I Think About.”

In short, the album offers a mix of new and old songs, demonstrating once again that ATENA can seamlessly combine heavy music and powerful themes both on stage and in their albums. Guitarist and songwriter Vebjørn Iversen shares: "We felt it was time to release a live album given our album catalog. Our concert in Oslo on the release day of Subway Anthem was therefore the perfect place to preserve a good memory for us and everyone who was there.”

In 2024, ATENA isn't just busy with their new live album; they are also gearing up for an international tour. This fall, the band will embark on their “Nordic Invasion Tour” alongside Aviana, One Morning Left, and Cabal.
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