Supergroup Azusa (ex-TDEP, Extol, Sea + Air) release their new single "Kill / Destroy" today! Listen to the single here https://orcd.co/azusakilldestroy

Heavy guitar riffing opens up “Kill – Destroy” with an extremely powerful and thrashy vibe that will instantly make you headbang. There’s an irresistible groove on this song, which picks up where “Detach”’s heavy riffing left us waiting for more. The rhythm change within the dreamy clean part creates utterly ethereal clouds of ambiance, which soon transit into great technical riffing and exciting odd time signatures. The song turns into an unconventional driving force with its earthy and punching vibe. “Kill – Destroy” is a kick in your face! 'Kill/Destroy' was the last song to be composed in the Loop of Yesterdays session," the band says. "We felt like the album needed some more 'kick in the teeth' punk/hardcore energy to round things out. The song was an obvious curtain-raiser, so we opened our live set with it on tour last summer as a preview of the new album. Easily digestible yet appropriately unpredictable, 'Kill/Destroy' balances raw, thrash-inspired riffing with straight-forward lyrics about transgression and our inner demons being forced to awaken. Confrontational and blunt, 'Kill/Destroy' is peak Azusa."

Order Azusa’s upcoming album “LOOP OF YESTERDAYS” here:  http://bit.ly/2u2ZYju


AZUSA are:

Liam Wilson | Eleni Zafiriadou | Christer Espevoll | David Husvik


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